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Houses in Arenys de Mar

Some villages feel good. Spending time in the streets makes you change the way you see things. And of course, then, you miss that feeling when you leave. Other towns, the most daring, those who have more personality and charm, launch and convince you to stay. Although it may also be that, what ends up making you decide, is to find your new home. When that moment happens, everything else should wait. The team of Bourgeois have witnessed how some houses in houses in Arenys de Mar have managed to get people who did not know this town to decide that they could not leave. Because they had found their town and their home. Everything at once. What if the same thing happened to you?

Completamente exterior, con espectaculares vistas al mar, con amplio jardín con piscina (en)

Completamente exterior, con espectaculares vistas al mar, con amplio jardín con piscina (en)

Magnificent house, semi-new, 4 winds in the most exclusive area of Arenys de Mar. Its fantastic orientation and the millimetrados ...
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Promotion of Villas in Arenys de Mar

Brand new promotion of detached villas. Nestling in a much sought after location the properties benefit from spectacular sea views ...
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Houses in Arenys de Mar: limited editions

The sea and the mountain can coexist in perfect harmony if they find a scene to make their idyll come true. And here, in this town of Maresme, they have it. Therefore, both landscapes do not take their eyes off. Therefore, when you wake up from this place, you will not know what you want to enjoy the most and, in the end, you will enjoy everything that surrounds you. As simple as that.

One of the most important towns of the Maresme. It has grown without losing its roots. It has become a benchmark of lifestyle. In a place to inspire. It is one of the most surprises. Its menu of cultural and gastronomic proposals is as wide as its history that reaches more than 400 years ago. Time has made its own but has not erased those emblematic sites that are part of everyday life. The church of Santa Maria, the Museu Marès de la Punta, the defense towers … Places so picturesque that they make you lose your sense of reality.

Appetite can be a good excuse to return from that trip. More than 40 restaurants will make it difficult for you to choose where you want to experiment with the flavor. And it is that each of them is committed to a personal and different cuisine. You will not find the same plate twice but you will find the best quality of the products in all the cards. Many of them are especially linked to the Mediterranean. The exclusivity of seafood in this area means that many people come to this town, just with this aspiration.

And when they arrive, the only thing they can ask is, how come I have not come here before? To your stores, for example. La Riera, full of trees that witness the comings and goings of its people, is the commercial center and the hub of all local activity. It is life in a pure state. A street from north to south that is never the same. And also from south to north, because you will repeat.

Summer in Arenys is a limited and unique edition. Scuba diving or sailing are just some of the sports you can do. Although, if you prefer, you can dedicate yourself to your spa or enjoying a walk in which you do not remember to look at the clock.

The town has a lot of history, personality, magic. We, on our part, have the most exclusive houses in Arenys de Mar. Because you do not deserve less. Chalets located in the center or high-end housing more remote, which suggest 100% quality of life, tranquility and privacy.

Discover our selection of houses in Arenys de Mar or tell us what you would like to find to make a getaway to a wonderful place that lasts longer and ends up becoming your new home.