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Houses in Mataró

There is something better than finding the house of your life: find it in the perfect place, the one that offers everything you have always wanted to have near. Because only then you can be really comfortable inside your home but also once you go out to enjoy what is around you. Because what makes you happy, should never end. At Bourgeois, we know how important it is for you to make this dream come true. For that reason, we offer you the best houses in Mataró that will get it.

Casa / Chalet en venta en MATARÓ de 1814 m2 (en)

Casa / Chalet en venta en MATARÓ de 1814 m2 (en)

Impressive renovated mansion and farmhouse property with sea views for sale in Mataró The 1920 modernist palauet (mansion) itself is ...
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Casa / Chalet en venta en Mataró de 290 m2 (en)

Casa / Chalet en venta en Mataró de 290 m2 (en)

House between St. Andreu de Llavaneres and Mataró. With exceptional location for: natural environment and sea views, tranquility and privacy, ...
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House with landscaped plot in Mataró

As a small island surrounded by a sea of ??forest and farmland beachfront urbanization is the Fornenca from there we ...
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High Standing and quality of life in Mataró

Then, open your eyes and let the sea wake you up. You look around and you like what you see. You do not mind not knowing what time it is. Nor be late for your plans. Nor leave everything for later. There are moments that can not wait. There are places that have priority. For that reason, the houses in Mataró have that facility to convince you that important things do not have to be justified. They themselves reflect their value.

Mataró is much more than the capital of Maresme. It is a city that continues to transform day by day and surprising everyone with its capacity for reinvention. But it is also that city that continues to pamper its inhabitants, giving them corners with charm, offering unique landscapes to savor exclusivity. It is that city that opens the doors to anyone who wants to know it a little more and it is, of course, that city that always says yes.

Yes to the best beaches of Maresme. Yes, to be only 20 minutes from Barcelona. Yes to have your own personality, to preserve a historical core that never stops beating and a host of proposals to renew and not be left behind. Yes to a great offer of stores and brands that you will not find anywhere else. Yes to unique climatic conditions, which allow you to enjoy the city and collect small great moments.

Mataró is a surprise for the senses. Because you will hear the stories that tell their streets and their people. You will try your inimitable recipes, like the sènia amb pèsols and you will only want to ask for more. You will see the influence of the most representative modernist architects, such as the same citizen of Mataró Josep Puig Cadafalch, who left his mark on some of the buildings so that we would remain speechless. You will touch your traditional products and you will smell that fragrance that you only feel when you are comfortable in a place.

The houses in Mataró are lived and we have no lack of reasons to understand it that way. Light is one of the main allies that fill homes with warmth. The windows of the houses in Mataró tell stories and unique landscapes thanks to the views they have. Imagination never sleeps but when you sleep, when you wake up, your eyes will enjoy everything that makes you happy. That feeling of calm, peace and tranquility that turns the good morning into something more than an expression.

Discover each of our homes, their luxuries and amenities in this section. Its gardens are the perfect excuse to extend the summer and its interiors, they do not stop inspiring to create the best moments every day.

All the houses in Mataró that we have selected enjoy good communication not only with their metropolitan surroundings, but also with the rest of the surrounding regions. You only have to choose if you want your property to be located in the urban center, on the seafront or in one of the urbanizations, such as La Fornenca, where you will feel as if you were on an island surrounded by a sea of ​​forests and land. culture.

Connected spaces, corners with style, cozy distributions. We have not invented anything. We have simply discovered that luxury becomes a reality in these houses in the capital of Maresme. But now comes the best, share it with you.